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    The following images give an example of fractures on solder ball connections.
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June 07, 2007


Abel Vasquez

I just wanted to see how many xbox360 motherboards you repaired have been successful with the Overheating/ RROD?
Austin TX

Sean-Ryan Sullivan

I was wondering, do you also reball/reflow for the ram chips on the 360 motherboard. That is the isuue that I am having.

No Catch Free Xbox Elite

Well Microsoft is much better with service repairs

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New model has less problem. Try to buy a new xbox360 model.


Wow its quite shocking how many Xbox 360 RROD red lights of death and sony playstation 3 YLOD yellow lights of death , we have repaired for people , Nintendo wii seem to be great but tend to be more user error type faults, we're based in Leeds West yorkshire , we do 100's a year.


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Account Deleted

This is Very informative. I was unaware that so many problems can arise in an Xbox360. Your company is doing a good work since 2 years. You are updated with modern technologies and use it for better quality of work. Dint know that a even muffin fan helps to cool the unit.

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