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I have been around electronics my whole life since my father was a TV repairman and worked out of our house, I had a basement full of vacuum tubes and components and equipment. By the time I was 12 my father taught me quite a bit about common TV failures, and at 14 I was changing picture tubes in customers homes, removing and replacing high voltage parts like flybacks and triplers. (humidity in Pennsylvania killed these parts). Through the mid 80's I worked summers for 4th Generation Systems in Newtown PA, an electronics manufacturer, programming and operating Genrad In-Circuit-Test machines, Universal insertion equipment on thru-hole lines, and vapor phase surface mount reflow. In 1986 I graduated from Bucks County Technical School in electronics. I went on to Bucks County Community College for digital systems, semiconductor theory and math. In 1988 I worked at RCA in Gibbsboro NJ. Certified to Navy assembly standards I worked on the Aegis system as a bench technician. In 1990 I went to work as a field technician retrofitting an automated punch and verification controller system in cleanrooms at IBM in East Fishkill NY and Windsor Locks Connecticut. In 1992 my father, brother and sister started TJM Electronics in Bristol PA. I was certified by the Department of Defense as a Category C instructor to train operators in hi-reliability electronics manufacturing and worked in quality control for TJM. In 1993 I started the Arizona division of my family business, TJM Electronics West, in Chandler AZ. I managed TJM through steady growth, through 3 facilities until 2002 when I left to start my own company, First Phase Technologies.

My experience with TJM and First Phase Tech has been equally divided between a management position handling all aspects of small business such as bookkeeping, payroll, purchasing, marketing and sales and my technical skill-set in process and test engineering. I have developed manufacturing processes for products such as printed circuit boards (leadfree and tin/lead), flex circuits, advanced package assembly and rework. I have also developed intricate reflow processes and tooling for flex substrates, BGA interposers as well as custom reflow tooling and work flow modules to rework high volume consumer electronics with optimum throughput and yield. In addition to the process engineering I have implemented the In-Circuit and functional Test systems used at our facility on our Teradyne Javelin Flying Probe, converting the raw design data, net list and schematic to X/Y coordinates and in circuit test programs.

This past year I partnered with Tilak Jain a Phd student from ASU to move our electronics company into the biosciences service sector.


My family, My Church, Harley Davidson, the Ocean, Ice Hockey, music and drums in particular, books on business, sales and marketing, baseball games with my son,